Big Dreams, Small Spaces on BBC2
  • Some of the excellent plant illustrations produced for the project by Tanja Wilmot

  • Japanese Garden, Bromley

    Joan and David want a Japanese tea garden to be created out of their overgrown patch of ground in Bromley. They have plenty of donated paving stone to work with and have a clear design in mind, but Monty isn't convinced that the concepts are Japanese at all!

  • Model Village, Walthamstow

    Nicola and John have dreams of creating a model village in their front yard and a seaside garden in the back, Monty isn't convinced that the scale of their model houses is quite right...

  • Norwegian Garden, Dorset

    Here the homeowners want to create a Norwegian themed garden complete with waterfalls and other big plans to be fashioned out of a tiny back yard in Dorset

  • Vegetable Garden, Doncaster

    In Doncaster, Nikki and John wanted a garden full of edible plants and fruit. They have a a tiny budget, a busy life with children and the wettest winter on record to contend with. Monty tries to help them organise their space to produce the biggest possible harvest.

  • Cottage Garden, Swindon

    In Swindon, a widow who has to move house and leave her beloved garden behind wants to find the best way of turning her new bleak patch of green into an enticing cottage garden.


We worked together with production company Lion Television to produce a package of animations to complement a new series featuring Monty Don, one of Britain's favourite gardeners, who spent time over the course of a year working with homeowners across the country to help them create the garden of their dreams.

Our task was to envision and interpret the back of an envelope sketches from the owners and then show this vision transforming once Monty had listened and given his invaluable advice. Working closely with the extremely talented illustrator Tanja Wilmot (who produced a whole garden centres worth of watercolour plants), Room60 managed to produce in the region of 30 animations to represent the 10 gardens that featured in the 5 episodes plus a title sequence complete with a touch of magic provided by a fluttering butterfly.

Below are some of the highlights from the show that went out on BBC2 everynight for a week at 7pm last October.

Some of the excellent plant illustrations produced for the project by Tanja Wilmot