Cronton Colliery: RIBA Design Competition
  • Cronton Colliery Panorama
  • Cronton Colliery Panorama
  • The Masterplan
  • The Wetlands
  • The Visitor Centre
  • The Skytower Beacon


Competition entry to design a pioneering new visitor destination on a former colliery. As visualisation specialists, Room60 joined a team including Greysmith Associates, Jerry Tate Architects and Regeneration X to concept develop a new ecological park with a cooperative system of ongoing management.

With no initial funding available, the scheme sought to begin with small interventions and provision of basic facilities. This included design of ‘land-art’ ground modelling that would create striking black landcsape features, using the on-site material and reflecting the history as a coal mine.

Aspirations would evolve over time, with community input, seeking to move towards an exemplar rejuvented green space for public events and activities.