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Verified Views & LVIA Photomontage

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Visuals for Planning

Accurate visuals of what a scheme will look like (verified views) have become central to planning applications and landscape visual impact assessments within the UK Planning process, providing a window into what the scheme will look like once built.

Room60 has worked with clients across the UK. We are fully up-to-date with best practices and latest guidelines as set out by the Landscape Institute. We understand the demands of these images, and use industry standard methodologies that stand up to the rigour of the planning process.

More about our process can be found on our Verified Views Site, please take a look and get in touch with any queries.

More Information

Here at Room60 we produce verified views and LVIA photomontage for architects, developers and environmental agencies to help them gain planning consent; creating accurate visuals of what a scheme will look like from carefully selected viewpoints. We have completed projects for residential schemes, agricultural buildings, green energy providers, inner city brownfield sites - amongst a host of others.

Room60 provides a transparent pricing policy for all our views that allows the client to pick and choose the various options that will satisfy the project and planning brief. We understand the complexities and requirements for verified views/photomontages - and we are avilable to provide advice throughout the project. Please get in touch to discuss a project. – The Room60 team.

Our Process
1. Photos

Specific viewpoints are usually determined by the client or the local planning authority. We can offer advice on shot selection - preparing a ZTV (Zone of Theoretical Visibility) model to help determine visibility.

2. Survey

Whilst on site, we have a RICS qualified surveyor working alongside us. They will take GPS readings for the camera location and control points (elements with in the photograph) using highly accurate GPS systems.

3. Model

The model forms the basis of the proposed scheme when combined with the photos. We can either work with an existing model or create one from scratch, with the use of drawings, sketches and any available topographic survey.

4. View Creation

Once we have all the photographs, site information and a working model, we can begin processing the images and model to create the verified views. These fall into 4 AVR catagories (please see below).

5. Methodology

We provide a detailed methodology with all of our verified views. This gives the details of how the views were created along with any project specific data. This can be issued alongside the views as evidence of our process.

6. Issue

We can issue the views in a variety or formats - from detailed reports outlining specific data through to RAW TIFFS that can be appended and used in separate reports and submissions. Please contact Room60 for more information.


This is the most basic of visualisations and shows just the building outline and massing over the base photo in its correct position.


This provides more detail with the model (outline and massing) merged into the base photo to accurately show its location, size and degree of visibility.


This is similar to AVR Level 1 but also includes architectural form and details (extrusions, windows and shapes) and notional landscape treatment.


This is the most accurate render and includes building materials (finishes, renders, colours and foliage).