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Virtual Reality (VR)

Explore designs in 3D
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Normal photos and flat visualisations show just a single viewpoint. Have you ever wanted to plunge someone directly into your vision of a space and allow them the ability to look up, down and all around?

The photo spheres we can create welcome anyone to freely explore the entire scene using the gyro feature in most smartphones or tablets. It adds another dimension to presentations to clients, brings another level of engagement to public consultations and allows anyone across the globe to step into your proposals and experience them as close to the real thing as possible.

These immersive environments can be created at any stage of the design process, from sketch concept to highly polished CGI visuals. Provide us with as simple a brief as you like with plans and elevations and we can do the rest in a style of your choosing, sketch, watercolour, photo or 3D CGI. Below is an example of how a photo based montage is brought together.

See the potential for yourself by installing SphereShare or Google Camera on your compatible device and use the Photosphere function to capture the environment around you. It is this technology we utilise to fully experience our immersive visuals.

Once you've done that you can then experience ours. Please get in touch via our contact form to request a quote and we'll send you samples that you can open directly on your device. You'll receive an image that looks similar to the one below. These are flat versions of the spheres that will launch from your Gallery or Email client using the PhotoSphere icon.