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What We Do

for planning

We create visualisations and plans that help support planning applications at all stages.

For Consultation

We provide a full range of media and graphics that explain your ideas and engage the audience.


We work with you to develop marketing concepts that show off your work and promote sales.

film and animation

Being able to explain your idea or project quickly and succinctly might just be the key to garnering support, receiving extra funding or involving a wider audience.

Sometimes environmental or architectural ideas don’t have a tangible site or location and happen to be theories, propositions, movements or unrealised concepts. We create compelling and informative short pieces that explain complex messages in an easy to understand way. We’ve produced pieces that have galvanized project teams, raised investment and further funding or simply gone viral and brought an awareness to a simple idea or cause with a call to action.

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technical visualisations

From Verified Views to Photomontages, we can model small interventions or entire streetscapes at any stage of the design process.

Accurate visuals of what a scheme will look like (verified views and photomontages) have become central to planning applications and landscape visual impact assessments within the UK Planning process, providing a window into what the scheme will look like once built.

Room60 has worked with clients across the UK. We are fully up-to-date with best practices and latest guidelines as set out by the Landscape Institute. We understand the demands of these images, and use industry standard methodologies that stand up to the rigour of the planning process.

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We recognise the importance of putting together a strong core-identity for your product or service. This is the frame from which everything else is built upon, ensuring a strong and clear identity, now and on into the future. We can create timeless branding to suit your market sector, or refresh your current branding to capitalise on recognition.

Through careful research and understanding of our clients' brand positioning, we develop rich and engaging experiences for consumers, guaranteeing the right message is delivered each and every time.

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Using interactive media as communication tool is an excellent way to expand an awareness of a brand, product or service.

The ways in which we use the media is changing at an ever-increasing rate, and we are able to design and develop moving image communications that are both engaging and interactive. We want to help you get the right message across in the right way to the right people. We combine the latest technologies with consumer insight, great ideas and the highest production standards, with a focus on effective results, ensuring you're out there to be seen.

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