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Zones of Visual Influence & Zones of Theoretical Visibility
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Zone of Visual Influence (ZVI’s) / Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV’s) are a visualisation of how a scheme will be seen from surrounding area.

Using 3D and GIS modelling software we are able to create detailed plans that test the visual impact of a potential development, scheme, or object will its surroundings and therefore determine the most sensitive viewpoints for verified views or accurate visual representations.

Room60 can produce plans to demonstrate ZVI’s/ZTV’s which are formed from the OS LIDAR DSM data. This shows is a topographical model of the earth’s surface with shaded area indication views into the site. This is typically displayed on an Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 map base.

These can be used in Landscape and Visual Impact Assesments (LVIA) and Environmental Impact Assessments.